Københavns Rådhus bryllupsfotograf

København Københavns Rådhus bryllupsfotograf.

I can barely put into words, how crucial Justyna was for our wedding. I am an Event planner. Normally organize and do not have to be in front of the camera. Also i have this little thing called micromanaging going on, which makes me wants to stress out about anything possible.
However if you book Justyna, well she got you covered. I did not have to worry about a thing. She regularly updated me on the forecast and one day before the wedding aligned with me about catching the best weather forecast ( we married in November). She was such a gem and made my life so much easier. Once we met, her sweet nature made us immediately feel at ease. When you meet her you feel like you have been friends forever. We laughed and had such a great time, even though we had to take the pictures BEFORE the wedding and totally forgot to stress out. We then walked back to the city hall, had a great time with the family and everything just felt so natural.
Seeing the results now makes me feel like i am a famous person. I have never felt so pretty. My partner, who hates having photos taken, even asked if we could upgrade our package to have more pictures.
Justyna is worth every penny and I am certain I will never like any photos more than my wedding pictures taken by her. We are even looking into having her flown over for our wedding party next year. This lady is beyond special. Incredibly talented, so sweet, caring, etc. There aren’t enough words to describe her.
Only downside: you will never be able to like a selfie ever again. You will be hooked on that Justyna sparkle forever 😛